Journal of Language Relationship no. 21/3-4 - 2023
PDF Frontmatter - p. i-x
PDFAfanasev, Ilia Cipher, transform, get lost: an anti-transparent system for distance measurement in East Slavic lects - p. 159-177
PDFMankov, Alexander Proto-Indo-European Nom.-Acc. Dual and the Germanic Dual of nouns - p. 178-183
PDFNikulin, Andrey Nasal harmony in consonants in Chiquitano and its origins - p. 184-200
PDFSmirnitskaya, Anna Nominations for siblings: Proto-Dravidian reconstruction and borrowability - p. 201-223
PDFTrofimov, Artem On the rules of stress in Pashto nominal stems [In Russian] - p. 224-241
PDFGates, Jesse P. The uvularization of g-/d- in Tibetic languages - p. 245-258
PDFRéveilhac, Florian *Tubar(i)‑: a divine epithet reflected in Luwic onomastics - p. 259-281
PDFBelykh, Sergey Permic-Iranian language contacts according to phonetics and morphology of the Udmurt and Komi languages [In Russian] - p. 282-299
PDFKuznetsov, Igor Toward a history of the study of long-distance relationship: the six phyla of North America [In Russian] - p. 300-332