Journal of Language Relationship no. 19/3-4 - 2021
PDF Frontmatter - p. i-xii
PDFKogan, Anton Towards the reconstruction of language contact in the pre-Tibetan Upper Indus region - p. 153-165
PDFSidwell, Paul; Alves, Mark The Vietic languages: a phylogenetic analysis - p. 166-194
PDFKrylova, Anastasiya On the possible preservation of Vedic verbal stress in the Naggar subdialect of the Kullui language [In Russian] - p. 195-209
PDFTrofimov, Artem Stress position of nominal plurals in -ån in the Parachi language and its connection with the accent in Proto-Iranian [In Russian] - p. 210-231
PDFMilitarev, Alexander; Nikolaev, Sergei Proto-Afrasian names of non-ungulate animals in light of the Proto-Afrasian homeland issue - p. 233-262
PDFOrlandi, Georg Once again on the history and validity of the Sino-Tibetan bifurcate model - p. 263-292
PDFBurlak, Svetlana Stability and frequency: is there a correlation? [In Russian] - p. 293-307
PDFAlonso, Juan Luis García [Review] Alejandro G. Sinner, Javier Velaza (eds.). Palaeohispanic Languages and Epigraphies. Oxford University Press, 2019 - p. 308-312