Journal of Language Relationship no. 19/1-2 - 2021
PDF Frontmatter - p. i-xii
PDFStephen Pax, Leonard Hipponyms in Indo-European: using register to disentangle the etyma - p. 1-14
PDFMikhailova, Tatyana Night-mare: on the origin of a trope in Celtic and Germanic (a response to Stephen Pax Leonard) - p. 15-24
PDFMouton, Alice; Yakubovich, Ilya Where did one speak luwili? Geographic and linguistic diversity of Luwian cuneiform texts - p. 25-53
PDFObrador-Cursach, Bartomeu Hypotheses of interference between Greek and the languages of Ancient Anatolia: the case of patronymics - p. 54-70
PDFBengtson, John; Leschber, Corinna Notes on some Pre-Greek words in relation to Euskaro-Caucasian (North Caucasian + Basque) - p. 71-98
PDFStarostin, George Lexicostatistical studies in Khoisan II/1: How to make a Swadesh wordlist for Proto-Tuu - p. 99-135
PDFSumbatova, Nina; Vydrin, Valentin N-initial nouns in Landuma and their counterparts in Mande - p. 136-151