Journal of Language Relationship no. 17/3-4 - 2019
PDF Frontmatter - p. i-x
PDFDavletshin, Albert Laryngealized vowels and laryngealized consonants in the history of the Totonacan languages of Mexico - p. 177-196
PDFEgorov, Ilya The origin and synchronic status of mid front vowels in Kazym Khanty - p. 197-209
PDFGruntov, Ilya; Mazo, Olga Mongghul, Mangghuer and beyond: estimating the proximity - p. 210-232
PDFObrador-Cursach, Bartomeu On the place of Phrygian among the Indo-European languages - p. 233-245
PDFMilitarev, Alexander Some implications of etymology and lexical reconstruction for the history and pre-history of the Near Eastern / North African / Mediterranean areal [In Russian] - p. 246-262
PDFKogan, Anton On possible Dardic and Burushaski influence on some Northwestern Tibetan dialects - p. 263-284
PDFKrylova, Anastasiya Some areal features of the 110-item wordlist for the Indo-Aryan languages of South Odisha - p. 285-296
PDFMolina, Maria Degrees of comparison in Hittite and Luwian - p. 297-309
PDFRenkovskaya, Evgeniya The story of one postposition: etymological analysis issues with certain elements of the postpositional system in New Indo-Aryan languages [In Russian] - p. 310-318
PDFSaenko, Mikhail Proto-Slavic *pьrsi and *grǫdь: semantics and etymology [In Russian] - p. 319-340
PDFTrofimov, Artem On the reflexes of Proto-Indo-European long syllabic resonants in Latin [In Russian] - p. 341-348