Journal of Language Relationship no. 17/1-2 - 2019
PDF Frontmatter - p. i-x
PDFList, Johann-Mattis; Lai, Yunfan; Starostin, George Preface: “Old Chinese and Friends”: new approaches to historical linguistics of the Sino-Tibetan area - p. 1-6
PDFJin, Lixin; Huo, Wenwen The Old Chinese Origin of Middle Chinese Voice Sibilants z/ʑ - p. 7-17
PDFMa, Kun A study of phonological issues in the text variants of Xiaochu and Dachu hexagrams, Zhouyi - p. 18-25
PDFList, Johann-Mattis; Hill, Nathan W.; Foster, Christopher J. Towards a standardized annotation of rhyme judgments in Chinese historical phonology (and beyond) - p. 26-43
PDFShen, Ruiqing The monosyllabicization of Old Chinese and the birth of Chinese Writing: A hypothesis on the co-evolution of the Chinese language and its writing system - p. 44-54
PDFGong, Xun Chinese loans in Old Vietnamese with a sesquisyllabic phonology - p. 55-72
PDFZhang, Shuya; Jacques, Guillaume; Lai, Yunfan A study of cognates between Gyalrong languages and Old Chinese - p. 73-92
PDFNikulin, Andrey A reconstruction of Proto-Jê phonology and lexicon - p. 93-127
PDFOrlandi, Giorgio On the classification of the Ng Yap dialects: some thoughts on the subgrouping of Sinitic languages - p. 128-152
PDFStarostin, George Chinese basic lexicon from a diachronic perspective: implications for lexicostatistics and glottochronology - p. 153-176