Journal of Language Relationship no. 16/3-4 - 2018
PDF Frontmatter - p. i-x
PDFYakubovich, Ilya; Rizza, Alfredo Preface - p. 169-171
PDFCotticelli-Kurras, Paola; Giusfredi, Federico Ancient Anatolian languages and cultures in contact: some methodological observations - p. 172-193
PDFManzelli, Gianguido Predicative possession and a possible contact-induced phenomenon among Finnic and East Slavic languages: having a headache between the Baltic Sea and the sources of the Volga River - p. 194-214
PDFScala, Andrea Borrowing of phonological rules: case studies from Romani, Armenian and Yiddish and some general reflections - p. 215-230
PDFViti, Carlotta Historical language contact between Indo-European and Semitic in argument structure and in clause organization - p. 231-246
PDFBengtson, John Some notes on Euskaro-Caucasian phonology - p. 247-264
PDFKuritsyna, Anna Suspended affixation with Tocharian adjectival suffix A -ṣi / B -ṣṣe and its possible parallel in Old Uighur - p. 265-276
PDFTrofimov, Artem On the place of Parachi and Ormuri among the Iranian languages according to the data of annotated Swadesh lists - p. 277-292
PDFKogan, Anton On the language of the Bāṇāsurakathā poem and its relation to Kashmiri [In Russian] - p. 293-303
PDFMolina, Maria On the methodology of defining focus in an extinct language: towards a reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European syntax [In Russian] - p. 304-320