Journal of Language Relationship no. 11 - 2014
PDFKassian, Alexei Towards a formal genealogical classification of Lezgian languages of the North Caucasus [In Russian] - p. 63-80
PDFList, Johann-Mattis Investigating the impact of sample size on cognate detection - p. 91-101
PDF Frontmatter - p. i-xi
PDFStarostin, George Macro-comparative linguistics in the 21st century: state of the art and perspectives - p. 1-12
PDFBabaev, Kirill Verbal morphosyntax in Southwest Mande: elements of reconstruction - p. 13-18
PDFBlažek, Václav Indo-European nominal inflection in Nostratic perspective - p. 19-38
PDFBoroday, Sergei; Yakubovich, Ilya Corpus-based methods for deciphering Anatolian hieroglyphics [In Russian] - p. 39-62
PDFKullanda, Sergey External relations of Scythian - p. 81-90
PDFNikolaev, Sergei Toward the reconstruction of Proto-Na-Dene . - p. 103-124
PDFAikio, Ante On the reconstruction of Proto-Mari vocalism - p. 125-158
PDFMilitarev, Alexander A complete etymology-based hundred wordlist of Semitic updated: items 75-100 - p. 159-186
PDFPozdniakov, Konstantin [Discussion] On the threshold of relationship and the “stability index” of basic lexicon in mass comparison: Atlantic languages [In Russian] - p. 187-237