Journal of Language Relationship no. 10 - 2013
PDF Frontmatter - p. i-x
PDFEichner, Heiner Neues zur Sprache der Stele von Lemnos (Zweiter Teil) [In German] - p. 1-42
PDFHonken, Henry Vocabulary matchings in ǃXóõ and Ju|’hoan - p. 43-62
PDFKoshelev, Alexey On the final stage of the evolution of language (lexico-semantic aspect) [In Russian] - p. 63-84
PDFMartirosyan, Hrach The place of Armenian in the Indo-European language family: the relationship with Greek and Indo-Iranian - p. 85-138
PDFSaenko, Mikhail Reconstruction of the Proto-Slavic Swadesh wordlist [In Russian] - p. 139-148
PDFKogan, Anton; Vasilyev, Mikhail On the East Dardic language group [In Russian] - p. 149-178
PDFRusso, Maksim [Chronicle] Comparative-Historical Linguistics of the 21st Century: Issues and Perspectives, Moscow, March 20-22, 2013 [In Russian] - p. 179-183
PDFKhachaturyan, Maria [Chronicle] Towards Proto-Niger-Congo: Comparison and Reconstruction, Paris, September 18-21, 2012 [In Russian] - p. 184-187