Journal of Language Relationship no. 4 - 2010
PDF*Editors, A Happy Jubilee to Aharon Dolgopolsky [In Russian] - p. 1-1
PDFBabaev, Kirill Reconstructing Benue-Congo Person Marking II - p. 1-45
PDFSolovyev, Valery [Discussion] Using typological similarity of languages as a method for studying the evolution of language [In Russian] - p. 177-198
PDFKassian, Alexei [Review] A.Fournet, A.R.Bomhard. The Indo-European Elements in Hurrian (2010) - p. 199-206
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PDFKorovina, Evgeniya [Chronicle] The 5th Traditional Conference in Memory of S.A.Starostin. Moscow, RSUH, 2-3 April 2010 [In Russian] - p. 217-219
PDFPeiros, Ilia Uto-Aztecan comparative linguistics and etymological databases - p. 90-116
PDFKassian, Alexei; Starostin, George; Dybo, Anna The Swadesh wordlist. An attempt at semantic specification - p. 46-89
PDFSidwell, Paul The Austroasiatic central riverine hypothesis - p. 117-134
PDFTakács, Gábor The Afro-Asiatic background of West Rift [Glottals] - p. 135-166
PDFZhivlov, Mikhail Studies in Uralic vocalism I: A more economical solution for the reconstruction of the Proto-Permic vowel system - p. 167-176
PDF Frontmatter - p. 0-0