The Sabellic accusative plural endings and the outcome of the Indo-European sibilants in Italic
Blanca María Prósper (University of Salamanca)
Journal of Language Relationship, № 18/1-2, 2020 - p.41-79
This work aims to clarify the phonetics and phonology of sibilants and sibilant clusters in the Italic languages, and will specifically attend to the outcomes of /ns/ and /rs/ in different positions. The structure and meaning of a number of Sabellic words and sentences will be reanalysed and reinterpreted, with a special focus on Oscan and one of its dialects, Marrucinian. An appendix containing a novel interpretation of the new «Opic» inscription of Niumsis Tanunis is included.
Keywords: Indo-European linguistics, Sabellic languages, Ancient Italy, general phonetics