A phonological reconstruction of Proto-Cerrado (Jê family)
Andrey Nikulin (University of Brasília; andre.n.guzman@gmail.com)
Journal of Language Relationship, № 15/3-4, 2017 - p.147-180
This is the second paper in a series on the historical phonology of Macro-Jê languages. In this work, I examine the sound correspondences between the languages of the Central Jê branch, Xavánte and Xerénte, in order to arrive at a reconstruction of Proto-Central Jê. I further compare it to my reconstruction of Proto-Northern Jê (Nikulin 2016b) and propose a phonological reconstruction of Proto-Cerrado, the most recent common ancestor of Proto-Central Jê and Proto-Northern Jê. The paper also includes a non-exhaustive list of Cerrado etymologies.
Keywords: Jê languages, Macro-Jê languages, Xavánte, Xerénte, language reconstruction, comparative method